How to add an url to Travel & Vacations Directory. Spanish to English (S2E)

To include your site in our index, first, go to the topic best suited for your Resource or Service, identify the single best category and the most specific location. (We strongly recommended using a Local and Regional topic). The complete topic structure is available in all Local and Regional topics and will give you multiple submissions. You will find a "Suggest Url" link. Follow the submission guidelines, and submit it. For example a submission in Denver, will show your link also in more general ones (Colorado, United States, North America and "World").

Submission Guidelines

Your submission to S2E Travel & Vacations Directory consists of five areas of review. Submit only web sites offering business and/or services.

1. Title.
The title should consist of the correct and full business or service name.

2. Description.
Description should be OBJECTIVE and not promotional. It should express what your business or service offers. Do not capitalize the first letter of every word.

3. URL.
Always use the full and complete URL including the http://

4. Website quality and content.
You will not be accepted if you are under construction. Be sure all your graphics and links work well.

5. Topic of submission.
Be sure you have submitted to the correct topic.

6. Keywords.
Add the most common terms used to search for your website. Use only a space between terms, do not repeat them and keep them relevant to your website.

We will not accept:

· Sites advocating violence, adult sites, sites that promote illegal activity of any kind, and redirected sites.
· Search engines, directories, and farm links will be rejected.
· Submissions with descriptions not in English.

Submission Types:

Basic Submission (Free with reciprocal link)
It may take several weeks or more before your submission is reviewed.
It is required the page where you have included the reciprocal link.
Just cut and paste the below code into your web site:

Express Submission ($10)
Your web site will be reviewed within 1 business day.

Sponsored Listing ($40 One time fee)
Your web site will be reviewed within 1 business days.
In addition, your submission will be highlighted at the beginning of its category (including all locations the page belongs to).